Anaya Court Labone

The Pinnacle of Elite Living. The property consists of 20 apartment units.
Anaya Court is a triumph of modern architecture,
an effortless combination of classic elegance and contemporary finesse.

A location where tradition meetsinnovationInspirationExplorationTransformationand many more Labone has rightfully earned its status as one of the most desired neighbourhoods in Accra due to its unique blend of rustic charm and modern flair. On its peaceful streets you will find some of the most trendy spots in town — fine dining, boutique shopping, essential services, all a stone’s throw away. Anaya Court doesn’t just locate you in the heart of the city … it’s where the city reveals its heart to you.

Invest In The Best

The new Accra will be built on the adventurous spirit of investors like yourself. We honour that spirit with a commitment to transparency, honesty, and fair dealing with our investor partners. You’re not just an investor — you’re part of the family.

Anaya Court