Hilltop Apartments

Project Description

East Legon hills is the new face of real estate in Ghana and a perfect place to stay if you looking to escape all the noise in the city. East Legon Hills is a suburb in the Kpone-Katamanso Municipality located at about 18km, approximately forty-five minutes from Kotoka International Airport, Airport Rd, Accra. The Hills has become one of the most affluent enclaves and the sought-after residential real estate destinations in the capital city, Accra. The Enclave has gained a reputation of being a family-friendly area. With top-rated schools, entertainment options, shopping centers and very affordable but beautiful housing. A residential area with plenty of greenspace, passionate residents keen on preserving the neighborhood and a larger amount of single-family residences. The core element of the areas is its well engineered and planned with a road network that connects you to your destination. The space, privacy and a lower cost of living that go with suburban houses contribute to health and safety obligations unlike the city where people live in close quarters. East Legon Hills exudes an allure of affordability and space making the neighborhood even more quiet and relaxing for its residents. If your thinking of moving to an area just outside the main hustle and bustle of the city, East Legon Hills serves that environment up on a tasty platter


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  • Client: Rosewood Estate
  • Location: Accra
  • Contain: Studio
  • Contain: Private Pool
  • Contain: 24Hrs Security
  • Contain: Executive Bedrooms
  • Contain: 1 Bedrooms
  • Contain: 2 Bedroom
  • Contain: Green Area
  • Budget: $725000.00
  • Rating