Legato Heights

Project Description

In the heart of Accra, Legato Heights was born from a vision of seamless living, akin to mellifluous notes. Inspired by the musical term “Legato” signifying smooth and connected melodies, our name embodies unity and grace, which reflect in our singular tower’s design—a soaring ode to elegance, thoughtful amenities, and prime location. Just as music draws inspiration from nature’s beauty, our residents awaken to serene ocean and sky views, a constant reminder of life’s well-orchestrated beauty. Our apartments are crafted with the precision of composing a masterpiece, offering spaces to create life’s melody. At Legato Heights, we invite you to join our melodious journey, where harmony meets home, and every day is a beautiful note in the composition of your life – a place where the music of your dreams comes alive.



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  • Client: Rosewood Estate
  • Location: Accra
  • Contain: Studio
  • Contain: Private Pool
  • Contain: 24Hrs Security
  • Contain: Executive Bedrooms
  • Contain: Green Area
  • Budget: $825000.00
  • Rating